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Can you get a mobile phone version?Please


yes right make an android version


Can you make an Android version?



Can you add this in android?

that body reminds me of tetsubirei's doujins

is the 32 bit will out?

what are the controls


The controls are in the description 👍


Is this project dropped?


Kinda, I still plan to come back to it eventually, but not anytime soon.

i found a glitch where when you want go on the couch the second time another thing happens with a duplicate of each character.

Looks like a good game, hopefully it'll be "continued".

Looks like a good game but i can`t play it because my right arrow is broke :c


I'll see if I can make a quick build with alternate controls when I get the time.



Cant wait for more stuff to be added :) its amazing

Thank you! It might be a while till I can get back to working on this project, but I'm glad you like it so far! ^-^

what are the cntrols??

All controls are handled with the arrow keys. Move with left and right, and press down to interact with Pome.


thank you!


Loved it so far :D 

Thank you! ^-^