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Pretty cool!


Hi CountMoxi ! Your creations are so lovely ! I would like to make a few episodes of letsplay on your games would it be possible ? (knwoing that I'm making a bit of ads revenue from that)

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Thanks for the kind words ^-^ and yeah that's fine. My games are all pretty shallow atm so idk how much content you'll be able to squeeze out of 'em. But yeah feel free to go ahead 👍

Can this game played on android soon?


I don't have any of the original game files for this project, so unfortunately there won't be an Android version of it. But when I get the chance to revamp this project, I'll think of making an Android version of it too.

can wait to see future updates

I don't currently know when they'll happen, but I do have updates planned for this game.


i understand that you like working on new stuff, but old stuff needs some attention too. Just saying.

I do agree and I will be going back and finishing all the projects I have started. Unfortunately i haven't had time to work on much of anything due to my hiatus, but when I do come back I will place an emphasis on finishing things.  

its almost been a year now, any chance of another update?

Unfortunately not for a while. I won't be in a position to work on stuff for a while which is why I took a hiatus.  So I haven't made much progress on this or any of my other projects. Though when I am able to work on things again I'm going to focus on getting projects finished and Usagi Star will get polished up and finished once I finish a few of the other projects I started like Getter Graffiti and Shamic. 

i liked  getter graffiti too :3

Hmm this stage looks familiar to this