Usagi Star Alpha v0.2 released!

Hello everyone!

A new version of the Usagi Star Alpha demo has been released! Here's the change log:

- New HUD face icon with different faces depending on what happens in game.

- level re-balancing. the game should now be more challenging.

- You can now pause with the Z key.

- Left control now enters hit box mode showing Usagi's hit box while making her sprite transparent to make dodging easier visually. ( Her sprite transparency will revert back to full if you get hot after the invincibility runs out so you will need to hit the "left control" key twice again to get it hit box mode proper. Will be fixed in next update).

- 2 new enemies. The Targeting White Sniper and the Hulking Blue Shot Gunner.

-Vortex power up added. Collect 2 Spiral power ups to get it.

- Rescued cats now drop power ups. Pink cats will drop power ups.  Orange rescued cats will drop health pick ups.

- New cat animation for Orange cat.

- HUD becomes transparent when you move behind it.

- Usagi now loses power up level and speed level when hit.

Power ups and pickups now move slowly to the left.

- Bullet speed now increases alongside Usagi's speed.

Pressing the escape key will now instanly quit out rather than having it fade out.

- "CountMoxi" logo at the beginning

I wasn't able to get some of the quality of life stuff I wanted in this update, but I  hope you enjoy! As always, let me know if you run into any bugs or have any suggestions for the game!

//Features for next update// --------------------------

-- Sound adjustment

-- Fixing a few game play issues

-- level balancing based on feedback

-- Controller support

-- Menu controllable via buttons/ keyboard

-- Mid level dialogue scenes

-- incorporate new background for scenario 1


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Dec 06, 2017

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