(18+ only. This game contains strong sexual content. All characters depicted are 18+. )

This game is a fan based parody. CountMoxi is not affiliated or associated with these legal entities on any terms.

Current Status: Completed.

//Controls// -------------------------------------------

Mouse or Touch screen for menus


Keyboard for menus

T- go to Title scene

R- reload scene

Escape -Exit

P - Toggle pixel perfect

L - Increase screen size

K - Decrease screen size

F - Full Screen


Here's a little game I made for Patreon featuring one of the best Poke girls. It's a simple animation focused game, just select the options you want to see. 

The game features vaginal, anal, and double penetration. There's also a bonus loop in the game. As a hint, look for something  that's "shaking"!

You can help me make more games and animations like this by supporting my Patreon!


I also have a blogger I try to update weekly, check it out here:


I hope you have some fun with it!


Art, Code, Animation - Count Moxi

Voice: Mimi Moans Voice pack https://giafsimone.itch.io/mimimoansoundpack1

Music: Bayaba

Sound Effects: https://freesound.org/

Sex Sound effects: Orange Lovers, Sex Labs


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

Hildas-Reward-v1.01a-Win-64.zip 51 MB
Hildas-Reward-v1.01a-Win-32.zip 50 MB
Hildas-Reward-v1.01a-Linux.zip 52 MB
Hildas-Reward-v1.01a-Mac.zip 52 MB
Hildas-Reward-v1.01a-Android.apk 60 MB

Development log


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valid: nutted


valid: nutted


valid: nutted


valid: nutted


valid: nutted


valid: nutted


Great game also love your Ankha one as well. Hopefully you have a great day.


File cant be opened in android

I just downloaded it again and tried it. Seems like it works fine for me.

Hey Moxi... Watcha working on now? Honest question. Can we see and where?


I make regular weekly updates and posts. You can check my twitter as it's the easiest way to keep up with what I'm working on: Count Moxi (Comms: Open) (@CountMoxi) / Twitter


K thanks ^_^

(1 edit)

Any plans for more furry stuff? o:


Yeah probably lmao

Yay, awesome!

(2 edits) (+1)

hmm one idea what if we can interact the body?




Of all the games and shorts you've uploaded here, this one is still my favorite out of all of them.


can you make one with Monika from ddlc?


Wonderful pixel art Moxi. Beautifully depicted. Well done. Kind of sad though that the Lopunny easter egg bonus doesn't have a control panel or a finish... You should cum back to this one in the future. It's worth the extra features! ^_^ 


Thank you for the kind words. And maybe ill update it sometime in the future haha

(1 edit)

That would be awesome. I won't hold my breath though. 


pretty good game, you did an excellent job at it Moxi!

i want to donate using paypal .. but not work

Hmm, it should be working. Try to send it through again and let me know what error you get if it doesn't work.

10000/10 re bueno el juego compa帽ero pero puedes hacer un flash mode :D


I'm not expecting a reply, but it would be great to clarify. There's no public release of the music? Not the victory theme, of course. It's just really good and I'm bummed out that I can't find it anywhere else. Also really good content you're putting out. I've been thinking of getting into NSFW myself, you might have actually made the tiny snowball start rolling. Great work.


The music is done by Bayaba and their music is royalty and copyright free iirc. Here's a MEGA link to a zip file of their music: https://mega.nz/file/aIkxmK5b#A8Y-vKz0cOlHs6kW0OtQ2sEXnlRigbvaRZvzwWHTsaE

Also thanks and good luck if you decide to make NSFW content! ^-^


This is really good, you really need to think of a Loppuny update.


make her do a back flip that would be sick 

I wish that you could switch as well.


Can you add a switch between Hilda and Lopbunny instead of just a bonus scene?


No further updates are currently planned, but I'll think about it.


in traumatized thank you


very good game


bruh its a porn game what do u expect


outta curiosity, is there any games for iPhone XR or am I correct that there isn鈥檛?

Only android unless u jail break


Can you switch to lopunny, if you can how and if you cant will you pls add it


If you click on the Pokeball that moves, there's a small scene with her,  but that's it.

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bro i was tryna do no-nut and this almost made me fail 馃拃

great work btw! keep it up


bruhh me to馃槶


nvm got it to work great game

it wont let me open the file on android and the site version is super buggy for me :(


Will the bonus scene be playable  like were you have buttons  like slow, fast, cum etc..


Maybe sometime in the future


Ok, by the way the game was amazing


Glad you liked it! ^-^

If you plan on adding more to this, maybe you could add a small bit of a story? it doesnt have to be long or anything like that.

There's already the little intro comic that pretty much describes the story basically. I'm not sure what I would really add to it to flesh it out. 

I havent really thought about anything you could add that would make it a bit better in my opinion, but if i think of anything ill tell you.


how to enter the bonus? (if you tell me how


Click the poke ball that moves every now and then

like all the time or time while               

Once you click it, it will open the window with the bonus scene. You only need to click it once and you can click it anytime during the scene. 

u should make it change scenery tht would be noice

Im having problems with downloading it on Android, Im using an app called filemaster i found on the app store to unzip the apk but its saying that it failed to install. 

Am i missing something?

Maybe you don't have enough storage space? Maybe try a different app installer? I know I've had trouble installing apps when I didn't have a large amount of free storage space (like 1 gigabyte free) so that might be it. Let me know how it goes.


u are good pixel art



Is the Bonus ever gonna be playable ?

Which bonus do you mean? You can click one of the balls and see a bonus scene


Thats what I meant, is that ever gonna be playable ?


I'm not sure what you mean by playable. Like with speed and cum buttons?


This game is 10/10 no questions

Glad you enjoyed the game! ^-^

It says webgl not available but im using chrome

I just trying it on Chrome, it seems to be working on my end.

You're good at pixelart



(2 edits)

Hey Moxi,This Might Not be your Type of game Style,But can you maka a Game where you can Make And have Hardcore sex with a Slave?(aka cutomize boob size,Ass size,T H I C C N E S S,stuff like that?And if you do make a game like that,can you make it for Android?(Btw I love your games!

Hmm, not sure of I'll ever make a game like that, but I'll think about how I can add some customization options of future projects

I also like that idea

Deleted 267 days ago


Is it supposed to take a long time to load

It shouldn't. But there has been issues with it in incognito mode, so maybe that might be it. 

well im not using the normal browser so i'll wait XD

What does the Pixel Perfect mode do? I turned it on, but as far as I can see, it didn't change anything for me

It doesn't do anything major, it just makes it so the pixels are locked to the original resolution so the pixels can't move "in between" each other at higher resolutions if that makes sense.

(1 edit)

Ohhhh okay that makes perfect sense. I wonder if I could see the change if I look for it now haha

Is it me or is the audio really scratchy on mobile?

Yeah it seems like you're right. I'm not sure why its happening, but I'll look into it when I have a bit of free time.

Thank you, 

Theres another problem with trying to use it on mobile (Its stuck at vertical instead of horizontal and its uncomfortable for my hands)

Is there anything you can do about this?

Again thank you.

If you're playing from the website unfortunately there's nothing I can do for that. But the Android version has the ability to switch, so you could download and use that if possible

Its a great game hope it gets updated soon

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