(18+ only. This game contains strong sexual content. All characters depicted are 18+. )

This game is a fan based parody. CountMoxi is not affiliated or associated with these legal entities on any terms.

Current Status: Completed.

//Controls// -------------------------------------------

Mouse or Touch screen for menus


Keyboard for menus

T- go to Title scene

R- reload scene

Escape -Exit

P - Toggle pixel perfect

L - Increase screen size

K - Decrease screen size

F - Full Screen


Here's a little game I made for Patreon featuring one of the best Poke girls. It's a simple animation focused game, just select the options you want to see. 

The game features vaginal, anal, and double penetration. There's also a bonus loop in the game. As a hint, look for something  that's "shaking"!

You can help me make more games and animations like this by supporting my Patreon!


I also have a blogger I try to update weekly, check it out here:


I hope you have some fun with it!


Art, Code, Animation - Count Moxi

Voice: Mimi Moans Voice pack https://giafsimone.itch.io/mimimoansoundpack1

Music: Bayaba

Sound Effects: https://freesound.org/

Sex Sound effects: Orange Lovers, Sex Labs


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Hildas-Reward-v1.01a-Win-64.zip 51 MB
Hildas-Reward-v1.01a-Win-32.zip 50 MB
Hildas-Reward-v1.01a-Linux.zip 52 MB
Hildas-Reward-v1.01a-Mac.zip 52 MB
Hildas-Reward-v1.01a-Android.apk 60 MB

Development log


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What does the Pixel Perfect mode do? I turned it on, but as far as I can see, it didn't change anything for me

Is it me or is the audio really scratchy on mobile?

Its a great game hope it gets updated soon

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Some random guy “would do it again”

Byltntlo Cryxntl: “Damn boy she thicc, great material for lonly evenings”

I love this game, wishing for more


I might add a bit more to this later, bit for now, I'm going to focus on getting other projects done


I was just wondering about this. It's good news. Thank you very much for the content. You sharing your talent is very much appreciated. I adore your work 💖


This Game Its The Best Game Ever (10/10)




I love this game can you make a hex maniac one?


Maybe sometime later down the line

Can we have more animations?

Maybe far down the line, but I have a lot more projects in line already, so I want to get those done first.


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I can’t play it’s always loading?

Also what website or like that did

 you made this?

I just tried it out and it seems to be working fine. What browser are you using? 

And I used the godot engine for coding and aseprite for the pixel art

Can you add more sex scene???

Maybe sometime in the future,  but not any time soon. Too much work to do on other projects atm


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can you make it so that one button says impregnate and blowjob,deepthorath,titjob and other stuff??? Also can you make it to download on iOS 


I'm not sure I can add all of that haha 

And I'm unable to develop for iOS due to their terms of service and how their app store works. Sorry bud


Ok keep up the lewd work

you know, an impregnate button might not be a bad idea 😳

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i like that


Can I release a gameplay about this game on my channel 



If it's Youtube I wouldn't recommend it lol

android download doesn't work

Did you hit the download button tho

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yeah I tried downloading it multiple times thinking the download got corrupted but nope


What's the problem exactly? I just tried the download and it worked for me. I know you have to have a bit of extra memory when installing any android app, so if it starts installing and then stops, it could be that you need more free memory. 


It downloads but it won't let me open the file on my phone


If you can't open the APK file on your phone,  you can try an APK file installer app from the Play Store. The one I use is called APK Installer by Braveheart. 

can you pretty please make something special for Gardevoir? i would really really love it if maybe you could do that.


I have some Gardevoir projects in mind, I'll get to them eventually haha


I cant wait to see what it could be, Thank you and keep up the amazing work please

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Why can't you make one I'm sure the redstone is easy Lmao

lol very funny


Hey what else are you going to make I mean do look at my comments from renepet but like I will love what you make. Anyway so ya 


I have an upcoming game featuring Palutena called "Palace of the Goddess" that should be wrapped up in the next couple of weeks. You can keep track of my progress on things by checking out my blog: https://countmoxi.blogspot.com/


Hey I love your content a ton, though I downloaded this for my android and it only showed the Godot splashscreen before exiting out of the app. Is there any solution for this? I'm on Android 5.1.1.

Anyways, your animations and games are still amazing!


Thanks for your kind words! ^-^

Hmm... I just tried installing it on my phone and old tablet and it worked. Maybe try downloading and installing it again? At the very least you should be able to play the web version right? Let me know if you're still having problems later and I'll see what I can do

I haven't been able to try it through the browser, though I did try to reinstall it and it still didn't work. The same thing also happens when I try to play Neko Touch, it will show me the Godot splash and then exit the app. Does it help to know that I'm using a Verizon Kyocera phone?

Bruh a what no


So the game does manage to work through the browser, it's just the app thats not working

Hmmm after looking at the phone specs for the one you posted, I don't think it can run apps like these unfortunately. Sorry, but at least the game works for you through the browser so you can still play them.


Oof, how unfortunate for me. Ah well, that's alright then at least the browser works. Thank you so much for answering, keep making awesome stuff!

i love your content, i cant wait till your next game

noice game

make buyable, change paypal account to business account. The rules changed for selling, stripe and paypal payments are accepted with the new terms to switch to business account for paypal.


You can "buy" it by downloading the game and then selecting an amount you want to support me with. My paypal account is already a business account, so that's not an issue. I appreciate any donations, but the game is free so only donate if you want to.

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No puedo entender el bonus xd


Lo siento, hablo Poco Espanol. Pero, el bonus es el pokeball.

Yo creía que se podia jugar el Bonus xd


Glad to see my 10$ going to great stuff like this, keep up the great work


Thank you for your support!

Hey sorry to bother you but the downloaded version seems to just take me to a command prompt-style window. Is there anything I can do to change that?

No problem at all, and the command prompt style window should be how it opens. Then it should also show the game itself in another window


I actually updated the game so now only one window should open (just the game, no console window). Let me know if you have any other problems


Wonderful little game! The animation is very smooth and the bonus is a nice touch.

How do you get the bonus scene?

Click on the closest Pokeball

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This was really great I was kinda surprised I was able to play this on my phone on the mobile version of this site considering how I haven't downloaded the apk(yet😉) I honestly didn't think I'd be able to and I didn't really encounter any problems besides a lag but that was cause of my phone. Your animations are always so great 100/100s keep up the amazing work you're fantastic.

P.s that bonus scene was a nice touch that lovely ass


This is a very nice game! I especially love the bonus scene! The animations are very smooth, and the sounds are very fitting.

However, the audio for it was desynced for me after I went through each animation (vag/anal/duo, all speeds and cum) and then clicked on it.
Along with that, the Reload Scene key does reload it, but also freezes it so that no buttons work.

These issues were from me playing it from my Firefox browser.

Deleted 201 days ago

I tested things on Firefox and it should be all fixed. Let me know if you encounter any other issues