A small little app I made for the "A Game By It's Cover 2018" game jam inspired by the famicom case created by Devine Lu Linvega .

 I didn't plan on making anything for it but on the last day I had a burst of creativity so I wanted to get something done for it even if it's pretty lacking. The character's helmet looked like some space age headphones to me for some reason so  I wanted to replicate a Lo-fi hip hop stream  kind of app that you could put of and listen to music with in the background. I had planned to have the scene be animated and dynamic so she would interact with her mp3 player when the song changed, but since I only had about a day to work on it, I just didn't have the time unfortunately.  Currently you can listen to 12 tracks from a few different artists and press Space or Right Shift to skip to the next song. I might add a few things to it later down the line, but mostly this was just for some practice and to get the creative juices flowing.


Space or Right Shift: Next song


Art, code, design: CountMoxi

Original Famicom idea and case: Devine Lu Linvega

Music: Youtube: No Copyright Music - Free Audio Library

-Music Artists: Artiicial Music, DJQuads, Lakey Inspired, OurMusicBox (Jay Man), Michael Hildreth

font: Pixeled by OmegaPC777

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(40 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tagschill, Lo-fi, Music, Pixel Art, Space, Unity


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Nice music. Would like more. Good non-NSFW 

Also, can we choose the music we want or have it in order and not random. I'm tryna check all the songs but can't since it's random.

*cancion de critica*

lo critica* : r/MAAU


Nice music. Respect


she thicc

still is


Lakey Inspired was my go-to music for all my moods it is like MSG for feelings


love this!


Very relaxing although it could use a tad bit animation but it's a lofi so all is nice and relaxing

feel comfortabel when listening the songs, nice graphic


I clicked on this to see if there was any porn but here I am, still here, effectively chillin


This is nice.  I like the playlist.  Apparently I share your taste in music.


This is so cool! It would be a nice app for the wallpaper engine. 

Also you could maybe animate the girl and the stuff around her to sorta float up and down a bit, that shouldn't take long. The background in the window could also move or rotate, that might be interesting. 


Thanks! And yeah originally I had planned to animate the girl and the other objects in the scene as well as have more detail in the space background, but I only had about a day to work on it and was running out of time so I figured I'd just throw the idea out there and comeback to it later when I get the chance.


wich never happend xD....not that im complaining