* Note the game doesn't work in Safari unless you enable 3rd party cookies. But for security reasons I'd recommend getting the downloadable version instead. It also might not work on "In Private" or "Incognito mode"  for browsers.

The web build had some issues with the music when loading scenes, so I had to manually fade the music in and out for each scene. This doesn't happen in the desktop version though so you can download one of those instead if you want  the sound to consistently play. The Linux and Mac builds are also untested so let me know if they have any major problems.

(18+ only. This game contains strong sexual content. All characters depicted are 18+. )

This game is a fan based parody. Countmoxi is not affiliated or associated with these legal entities on any terms.

Current Status: Completed.

//Controls// -------------------------------------------

Mouse or Touch screen for clicks


This is a tiny game (64 x 64 pixels) I made to get back in the swing of things. This time featuring everyone's favorite Egyptian cat. 

Gameplay is simple. Simply click to touch her butt. 


Featuring 2 new scenes (Oral and Butt Job) and a gallery button. As well as all the game's sprites being remastered and improved! 


Anal scene: Click her butt until she asks for sex

Oral Scene: When she asks for sex, keep clicking her butt until you see the "Oral!" button pop up

Vaginal scene: Keep clicking her butt after the Oral button pops up and she'll tell you to take a seat

Butt Job scene: Don't click her butt at all and she'll get increasingly frustrated until she takes you into the scene

If you enjoy works like this, you can support my Subscribestar or Patreon to help me make more games and animations!

Countmoxi on SubscribeStar.adult


I also update my blog weekly so you can check that out as well: https://countmoxi.blogspot.com/

Hope you enjoy the game!


Art, Code, Animation - Count Moxi

Music: Play on loop- Pyramid Sands

Sound Effects:  https://freesound.org/

Sex Sound effects: Orange Lovers


Download NowName your own price

Click download now to get access to the following files:

NekoTouch-DX.apk 43 MB
NekoTouch DX Linux.zip 34 MB
Neko Touch DX Win 64.zip 33 MB
NekoTouch DX Win 32.zip 34 MB
NekoTouch-DX-Mac.zip 34 MB

Development log


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This is made so well ^-^


I like the

But I am girl 



This is where Anhka Zone came from ..... terrible robbery!!!

I knew I had already seen that design somewhere else!

Nobody credits this guy, he made the game 2 years earlier!


0/10 just wanted to play animal crossing and not animal fucking


Why does it feel like a portion of the screen is missing? I load in and it's like it was zoomed in by like 15%


That cat is NOT DANCING!!!

(1 edit) (-1)



DAYUMM dats guu


ah so thats why i thought the ankha dance character looked familliar….played this game some time back….then i saw the ankha dance and thought the character looked familliar…then i rememberd this game


into the zone xd


This aged well


it was so shocking.

I like the Tiger 1 H tank, though you could fix the firing mechanism


People who know


I love this so much. I come to play it over and over again. ITS SO GREAT.


add boob job my guy so then its all there


Sorry, this game is finished and I don't have plans to update it in the future


ok then

Well, will you make another game like this?


Ya man I agree


i tried to donate with paypal .. but not work


are there any other payment modes you can use besides paypal this game looks interesting but i don't want to use paypal and i want to help you develop it


The game is already finished, but if you want to support me and my other projects, you can support me on Subscribestar or Patreon:

SS: https://subscribestar.adult/countmoxi



you are going to add boobjobs?


No, this game is finished and won't be developed further.


understandable had a great day, good game anyway


Very juicy, Thanks for the games! I love this game so much


what do you use to make games?


I use the Godot Engine


This is great! Would it be possible to create an arm64 Linux version though? It would be useful for a handful of newer phones, tablets and computers that don't run Android.


Okay, I'll see what I can do a bit later today


cuando voy a descomprimir el archivo al android,me sale otro,otro y otro y as铆 sucesivamente asta ya cansarme de como ya jugarlo,alguien ayudar铆a aclararle a este idiota como jugarlo xd?


en android tienes que jugar la version html5 en tu explorador, la descarga es para windows y mac

pero descaegaste el apk no?


This is wonderful <3. Any plans for a Game Boy Color port? :P


cute game! would like it be longer, but thanks :)


idea for update add tit job


I love ur Giorno pfp lol


lol thxs

your pfp is good to part 4 jotaro

(1 edit) (+1)(-1)

hey check out my new game demo on my profile


ok thx lol (  This is a new account I'm on btw )


Is there any new animation incoming or a femdom one?

Or its completed?


The game is complete abd I don't have any more plans to update it at the moment

(2 edits) (+1)

Very nice. Can't you just like give us a gallery or something I am not patient for that kinda thing. But overall very nice update. Edit: Okay, nevermind on that gallery part. My blind ass didn't see it below the play button.


Nice update.

By the way, I think maybe an Stardewvalley parody will be awesome with your style (?


I might do something with Stardew in the future. We'll see.


can it up vector?


So your game is a fan game sooo where can i found the original?




XD I mean like in 64 or 128 bit XD


I'm not 100% sure what you mean, the game is based off of that series that I posted

When I unzipped the file on my iPhone I can鈥檛 do amazing with it. Any idea why?

The game is only made for Android, I can't develop games for Apple Products due to their policy

Ah i see. Thanks.


im impressed in a weird way


Hot damn this is an amazing update.  I did notice that the thumbnails in the gallery are mixed up a bit.  The scenes load correct, but the preview is mixed up (Anal thumb is Butt, Vag thumb is Anal, Butt thumb is Vag).  Again, though, outstanding work and I'm proud to say this was the first thing I added to my first Android phone.

I'm glad you liked it! I just checked the gallery though, and all the scenes have the correct thumbnail and load the correct scene

Just Outstanding Work Mate .

Thanks! ^-^


uhh, Can you make this game into a weight gain game?




why not ?

N is a good letter


This was definitely worth the wait congrats

I agree


buen trabajo,mis respetos y gracias


It's here.
It's great.
Brilliant job.
Lovely proportions.
BJ was worth.
Buttjob speed 2 is impeccably animated.


I'm glad you liked it! ^-^


Okay wasn't expecting the extra scene with bj but the wait was worth. Thanks for the work.


Thanks for your patience haha I'm glad the wait was worth it! ^-^


This is god-tier stuff, Moxi! Holy shit! Thank you!


Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it! ^-^

I can't believe I didn't watch the whole oral climax on the first time... good god that's amazing

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