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Hey, noticed you haven't updated your blogspot, everything OK?

Yeah sorry for the worry, an update should be out soon

No worries hope I didnt rush you. Glad you are OK, keep up the fantastic work! 

wait what is this a parody of.? like what game ???

Its a parody of Animal Crossing,  the characters name is Ankha haha

oooh okay

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So excited for the update to be dropped! Love your work!

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Damn, if you ever plan to add a doggystyle scene or standing variant of it, along with the oral update. Miss opportunity with that ASS of hers. This game imo might be the best you made. No offense if you liked the others better or anything. To me the interactive of this game, the detail of... That ASS, and the emotions she makes with the gestures, really makes the game so well. Heck if she had bigger bust I would've suggested a paizuri scene as well.

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breh i cant im gonna die of laughter

its ur comment m8

i found a secret


how, what do i do, step by step instructions plz

Just keep touching her butt untill she tells you to take a seat

oh wow okay i thoght i found somthing cool now i feel big dumb

smh got me all exited for nun


POV: you only playing the games from this person until the update for this game comes out XD

Hi CountMoxi, how long is the update left to wait? And will there be an update for android?

If everything goes well it will be available sometime this month. The Android version will be updated as well.


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i have idea ad doggy style and a go faster button that has no cap speed this so she can go as fast as the user wants (just a suggestion)

I'm currently only planning on adding an oral scene and will probably keep the speed settings as they are since they're their own separate animations


promise to notify me when its up? :D ") 

It should send a notification when its available if you follow my page. I'll also be making a devlog about it so everyone will know when its available.


can you add more scenes to this ?

how do i move onto the next scene after anal 1?


Do you mean choosing the speed? That's controlled with the buttons on the bottom left. If you mean getting to the vaginal scene, you can get to that by clicking on her butt more until she gets annoyed

Need more! MORE!!😂 

Is the oral update already up?

Not yet, but the Pyra animation is completed now, so it'll be the next project I finish

Hey, i am having an issue on the game, i'll appreciate it if you email me at: to know why.

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you should add more animations and interactions but other wise me like what me see, you hould also make a porn hub channel because this is good

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man, this game reminded me of the cheetara of the thundercats of 2011 because you create a game about it would be very interesting because it is very hot in the 2011 version

Neko Touch DX is the new half life 3


Sorry to be another person to ask but is the oral scene done


No worries, it's about 60% complete atm I expanded what it was gonna be a bit, so now there are 3 speeds, licking, sucking, and deep throat. Still working on the base of the cum animation now. It's around 100 frames and is only about 2/3 complete, but once I get that done I'll go to animating the tail, secondary animation like the boobs, ears, and hair, and the the cum itself.  I'll post some teasers sometime tomorrow.


When do you think the update will be ?


Just need to finsh the climax for the oral scene and then add sound. I'll be trying to get it done over the next couple of days


great !  ps i love your art :)


Thanks! ^-^

When will the oral scene drop?

Still need to finish the oral scene cum shot, but I think it will be worth the wait!

Hey, never expected to be asking questions on NSFW games, let alone downloading some, but I guess thats what my quarantined life did to me -- Well, I've downloaded the apk a few times, yet when I try opening the file I get the message 'No file found', any idea what may be my problem- other than my device, which I don't think is the issue. I'll try to find a good good app to help with this, and I'll say if or if not the issue is fixed. Bye :)

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Okay! Got it- have a good day/night when ya see this

Does it already has a oral scene?

No not yet, the update will be adding an oral scene.

Shes Glorious & Your A Glorious Person For Making This Dude . . More To Come 👌🏾

Thanks, glad you enjoy my work! ^-^

Hi its me again. How are you?

so i wanted to ask  again how much percent you are finished with the Dx-version and since you are an extremly good drawer i wanted to ask you if the brush is important for lineart. You know im beginning to learn how to draw very nice but i have most troubles with the lineart. Im practicing lol but

im afraid im practicing with the wrong brush if you know what i mean. 

I know i can google it or search the answer on youtube but that kinda

confused me becuse some say you need a Round brush and some say you need a Sharp brush. 

If everything goes well, the DX version will be out at the end of the month. Sorry it's taken so long, but I hope it will be worth the wait. 

As far as brushes go, I mostly do pixel art, so I probably not the best person to ask for digital art advice. But honestly it depends on what results you want. Since you are just starting out, the best thing to do is just try out a bunch of different kins of brushes and find one that you like. There's no "right" answer, so just use what feels comfortable for ya!

i remembering playing this on new grounds, swell game tho.

when will the oral scene come out?


Not 100% sure yet, but going to see if I can get it done before the end of the month.

about that picture at the top can i have a link to it please...


Sure, here's a high res version:

Thank you Also have you noticed that there's not that many people that find Ankah attractive i mean not to be rude but the people who Don't like her are really fucking weird just saying...

Hi Countmoxi How are you?

So first of all i want to apologize if the if this question annoys you.

Im just really curious.

how much percent are you finished with the dx version?

like 5% 10% 25% 50% 70% 100%


No problem asking questions haha also sorry it took a while to get back to you.

Hmmm... At the moment I'd say about 40%. I have most of the loops that are in the game redone, but I still need to do the cum scenes. I also need to put more work in on the new oral scene, I have the slow speed done, but still need to do the fast speed and the cum scene for it. I'm gonna try and wrap it up before the end of the month, but I not sure if I'll be able to get it done. I'll keep you all posted on how it progresses.

I can't wait for the DX update, how close is it to being released? Not to be rude of course.

No problem asking, right now I'm not 100% sure when it will be complete, but I'm going to try and work on it a bit every day after working on my upcoming game "Palace of the Goddess", so hopefully I can get it done in the next couple of weeks.

I love this so much! Just wish there were more to do. Perhaps an update so that you can fuck her anywhere you'd like? Maybe even inflation? Just ideas. Either way, love it!

There will be an update coming later that adds an oral scene and clean up the sprite animations, but after that the game will be pretty much complete. Gotta work on other things haha but I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Idk how to open the app on phone it says there no app to open it with when I gose to my files

You should be able to open the .APK file and install the app from there. Android phones should be able to install .apk files, but you can probably go to the play store and get an app installer if you can't open it.

Linux Executable is not working...

Could you give me more information on what's not working? Unfortunately I can't test the Linux version myself, but I'll try to fix it if I can

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Trying to run from terminal results in: "error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory". Looking it up tells me that this is a 32-bit library/resource.

Hmm, okay, it might be something that I can fix via exporting it again. I'll update it later and let you know when so we can see if that fixes things.

Okay, it should be updated now, give it a shot when you have time and let me know if it works now.

Linux version missing from Downloads.

Ugh, I'm a dummy lol I exported it but forgot to upload the new version. It should be up now, let me know if it works!

Reminds me of Zone-sama's Flash games. I've been thinking of doing something similar myself...

This game is good!

Hey do you ever think you will make an HD version of this game with more sex options

Hmm, not necessarily HD, but I'm working on a DX version that will clean up the sprites a bit more and add one new scene

wow that really cool I can't wait

If anyone is having issues installing the .apk on their Android device, (I couldn't seem to install it on my Razer Phone 2 running 9.0. It always opened it as an archive instead of running it like any other .apk.) try using APK Installer by Mobile Manager in Google Play. I installed the app through that and it worked fine.

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Can't wait for the new DX update ;)

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Este juego tendría mas potencial si tuviera mas escenas uwu


Found the secret sex scene...

Not disclosing any info because thats-a secret!!


Touch da butt too many times.

love the game, please make more sex scenes.

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