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man out of all the games that they stopped working on I wish they still worked on this one and looking at their patreon it doesn't look like they're working on anything lately just doing weird futa commissions

Hello I can't open it on android I downloaded it but it didn't install. Can tell why?

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Its not finished anyways, so it probably didnt work on your device.
Its ben dead for almost 4 years now, because the dev went to Patreon to work on other projets and commissions since at least 2020.


Hope is the last thing that dies, and I still believe that this game will have an update in the future because the premise and idea of this game is very promising and I've never seen a "tamagotchi" nsfw like this one xdddd

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Wanted to check whats going on with CountMoxi not being able to make this complete, so i went to both their Patreon and their blogger for how much they cared about their work on itch. The other sites are silent.

Apparently it does not look like they are going to make this due to the fact that they are doing most of their work only on Patreon, and from what i noticed of their blogger, its because they are forcing themself into making more work then what they can handle.

The Renapet game is basically dead, since they never finished or made a actual game out of it. And from when it started (2018) to when they suddenly had the reason to just bolt to Patreon and work harder on other stuff then the games they were going to make (2021), its obvious that they are not coming back any time soon to make this or finish it since its dead in its work.

Patreon is the best option you have in terms of following them in whats going on, since all the other places you can follow them about their work has gone silent from at least 2022.

I don't hate what they doing, i just don't like that they are forcing themself onto more stuff, just so that they forget completely about their current work they left behind on

I think if they are going to leave this up, the reputation should follow them. I'm all for paying for things, but if this game is how I know the creator I'd rather not give them any money at all. 

That and I got burned on too many investments so far.


i wait for 1 year and still waitin




please release the full version


Pls finish the game its been 4 years now dude i love ur work i played ur other games dark red wasnt opening ifk if ur busy but please make this one it looks very promising i beg of you 🙏🙏🙏


idk why, even thoug it said UI TEST i still downloaded it full with anticipation
i dissapointed myself

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Serious question. How much money do you need and on what platform (to get the best take home rate) do you need to put this project back on your to do list for this year. Not top 10 things to do this year maybe within top 20.

Edit: if the author responds I will donate 140$ to the donate section of the download under name your price. 


I wish I knew how to make games like this so I can just take over and finish games that artists have abandoned. This seems like a regular thing where someone will make something and then abandon it because they have "so many things to do" because they decided to work on 1000 projects at once.

The only thing that comforts me while the developer of this game doesn't release this game or gives up on it is my Slime from the game I Decided to Keep a Slime I recommend it!


countmoxi please listen to us and finish the game please we ask you

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so this game isnt playable then why can you download it? i wasted data for a game  that isnt playable thats a bunch of BS, unless its ment for windows an not android but why have an android download then? i wanted to play this.

It's abandoned sadly


awe what they left it alone thats a pain even too :/.


Likely testing purpose and for seeing how many wanted to support it.
But seeing that their Patreon is just project after project and commissions, instead of continuing on the ones they left behind, its not really worth it.


Hope this project can continue I really want to play this game:)


Is there a apk version that works



It's abandoned. Not sure why it's still up in that case..


Maybe you could remake/remaster it?


I make no promises but I feel like I have to learn something because some of the games in my range of interests are either abandoned or the maker turned out to be a problem.


This is a very good game bro, there are not many renamon games and this is one of people's favorite genre of games. (I mean any genre except visual novel) 👍

I just like the art style and the characters body u hope the person that makes this game comes back and finish the game


Yep this is dead I hope it comes back but if not someone please make a renamon game I'm surprised no one has made one 

When do you plan on working on it again?

preguntaa le oprimo a llos botones y no pasa nadaa qu hago

lo siento, el juego no es funcional, es una prueba de interfaz de usuario, no está desarrollad

aaaaa y como puedo jugar la version completa

no puedes

el dueño dejó de hacer el proyecto

pucha pues grracias


i might be able to rip the code from the game
does anyone wanna try working on it themselves

i used a program to rip the assets from the game, maybe someone can find a way to repurpose it

It would be nice if someone picked it up and was able to do it.

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"So the current plan is to work on and finish these Patreon projects one at a time, and then commit to monthly work on Renapet" Aug 8, 2020

Meanwhile they keep getting more projects and commissions to work on at Patreon, and alot of the games on is lost in coding, so most of them are dead. Im honestly surprised they fail to keep up with the plan they made.


Whens the next update


It's been almost 3 years, don't hold your breath in seeing any updates my dude.



They left behind and are only using Patreon for commissions and project's .

Even if they would return to it. The coding for it is lost anyways, so this is officially dead in its coding.




The file that everyone has been downloading is a ui test


for anyone wondering when there is an update if you look at the project planning you can see why there are no updates yet




Is there going to be a dickgirl option?


i don't think we'll be getting the "Play" option, almost 3 years now, he should've never started this!!

When it's going to update?


I need more of it. Please, don't leave the project!


They already did leave it.

Nooooooooo ;-;


It's not like no one else is making projects like this and for free. :'D

Why cant i do anything in the game on android


The game is still very much a work in progress. At the moment, the demo is just a test of the game's UI (menu buttons and interface) so the buttons have no functionality yet, and there are no sex scenes in currently.


Game seems to have died though. 

They ben busy on Patreon. And they doing alot of projects there, so it seems isnt being their attention anymore.

ah. A little understandable. So it died on here.

I don't know


Eu quero que você voltase a nos jogadores obrigado 😔

Por favor


time passed through my soul, still waiting for these pixel to wiggle 


El menú se ve excelente, 

Que lastima que el juego este muerto, 

No hay alguien en Internet que lo tome y siga desarrollandolo? 


I know the game's probably dead, but still looking forward to (maybe) more updates. A guy can dream...


Only Moxi, master of the pixel art and lewd games could save us, but when the world needed them most they vanished.

I believe that this game is dead and would no longer update (personal opinion, hoping to get a message of an update).

I'm still hopeful waiting for an update ^^


please update!!!!

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