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The file that everyone has been downloading is a ui test

for anyone wondering when there is an update if you look at the project planning you can see why there are no updates yet




Is there going to be a dickgirl option?


i don't think we'll be getting the "Play" option, almost 3 years now, he should've never started this!!

When it's going to update?


I need more of it. Please, don't leave the project!

Why cant i do anything in the game on android

The game is still very much a work in progress. At the moment, the demo is just a test of the game's UI (menu buttons and interface) so the buttons have no functionality yet, and there are no sex scenes in currently.


Game seems to have died though. 

They ben busy on Patreon. And they doing alot of projects there, so it seems isnt being their attention anymore.

ah. A little understandable. So it died on here.

I don't know


Eu quero que você voltase a nos jogadores obrigado 😔

Por favor


time passed through my soul, still waiting for these pixel to wiggle 


El menú se ve excelente, 

Que lastima que el juego este muerto, 

No hay alguien en Internet que lo tome y siga desarrollandolo? 


I know the game's probably dead, but still looking forward to (maybe) more updates. A guy can dream...


Only Moxi, master of the pixel art and lewd games could save us, but when the world needed them most they vanished.

I believe that this game is dead and would no longer update (personal opinion, hoping to get a message of an update).

I'm still hopeful waiting for an update ^^


please update!!!!


It's pretty hard to trust a dev or artist with such a poor work ethic.


It's a free game so

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Its also just a user interface.

But also not a game. Yet


I had high hopes for this one, it's sad that it's been almost 2 years since the last update :(

make it where you can play it on web

Moxy please come back. We need you.


They ben so busy with other projects and games, that they forgot entirely about the games they made on Sad but i guess you have to be a patreon now.

Why Can’t download the game? 

I use Android 

Its not much of a game anyways since its only a user interface layout, with nothing to do in the game. And the creator left it behind 2 years ago, because they wanted to do other projects, wich lead to most of the games on to never be updated much.  And only way to acturly see those projects and maybe play those is to support on Patreon it seems.


Moxy where the fuck did you go?


I hope this will get more updates

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More than 2 years already, forget it, it's dead.


I will watch this potential gem for the rest of my natural life (or until the big day it awakens, whichever comes first) keep up the good work Mr. Mox!

please more

There should be more than what it shows

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Still no updates...

este este juego de Renapet sera actualizado o no 

es que el juego si es lindo y quisiera saber si se seguirá actualizando 


según el autor este era el siguiente proyecto en el que se enfocaría pero al parecer ya lo abandono

damn i would like to hear the music itself


That's crazy the last time I checked out this game was 7 months back....


I cant do anything  except love and quit and even when i do love there is only one option and it does not work

other vise I love the graphics and how detailed it is



Awesome idea dude!


It's been months still no update


How's it going? Is any H Scene playable now? Cause the name still says UI Test so is this game playable or just UI Screen with no Minigame, Love making or Excersize to do with my Rena?

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It's still UI testing, no scene currently. We're all waiting for this game and making exercises with Rena x3


Me too, "Healthy" Exercises X3


I believe games will come out in 2022.

i am from the future. its out and doesnt work soooooo


I know its been some time believe me I remember when this first came up. But if you follow the creator of this, they work on many projects and has a personal life with hiccups just like the rest of us. Im sure this will be done sometime in the coming year. Its better for them to take their time and develop the skills to make this a great game. Follow CountMoxi on patron to see some of the work that is being done and shown. May the old Gods bless everyone and have a good day

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