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I think .. the game has a good spot now..

And i supposed to remove the arrow stuff for mouse on android version

And also... the next update should process the games functionality...

It would be best to test out not just UI or compatibility....

I'll make sure to take out the cursor for the android version in the next update.  I'm not sure when it will be out, but the next update will include actual game play and bring more functionality into the game.

Can't wait to see this good girl's holes :p

Very good job!


I love you and your work! Keep it up! Much love, and many kisses.


You should be more explicit about what it is at the moment. Not everyone knows what UI is. Saying "only the interface works and has animations" would fit best. Kind regards.

Changed the description and tried to make it more clear of what the game is currently.


It's not letting me play on android. When I download file, I select the file and it says "can not run file". What's going on with it?

You might need an APK installer if you can't install it. Also, what phone are you using?

samsung galaxy s10e

You might need to get an APK installer from the playstore then. The one I use is "APK Installer" by Braveheart

ok it worked. Thank you very much.

No problem at all


I love how it looks although just one problem... I can't do anything in the android version. The icon animations work but they don't work. I really hope this gets fixed. Other than that I love it!


The game is just a UI test build at the moment. So none of the buttons do anything yet, unfortunately. But I'm hoping to update the game before the end of the year and add in some new content and functionality.


That's great to hear! I can't wait for the full release! I love it so far! Hope everything goes well! Have a wonderful day!


Thanks, you too!


Can't wait to play the full release! 😃


Well hopefully it will turn out ok s d this would feel like a dungeons type game/ sex  rpg thing idk I mean it like neko touch just with more ways to do it 


That's kind of the plan for it now. Also, in the future try to not post too much, it clutters the comment section. I deleted some of your other comments that didn't really say much. You can also directly reply to people by clicking reply under the person's comment instead of creating a new comment. That'll help keep things organized.

Like I press button It don't do thing

The current build is just a test for the UI, so none of the buttons do anything yet. I have some work for Patreon I need to do, but once I finish that I will be working on this again and flesh out the game much more

Yeah I can't do anything ether why

cant wait for full release

This game has caught my interest a lot.
The art is beautiful and the concept it has is just wonderful!
I will try to support this project a lot, I am not an easy person to impress but ... your game impresses me
I also wish you good luck in your other projects!

and as we say where I'm come from: Te deseo lo mejor, realmente tienes mucho talento


Can you try and improve on the android version? I tried to play it on my phone and while the pictures do the animations, I can't actually do anything.

To my knowledge no one can do anything on any version of the "game" - as it stands it's just an UI test and not even a game yet.

just a friendly question is this game complete or not quite yet?

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Nope,this not done yet all you can do is test the UI of the game

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Hi I just want to say I'm a fan of your pixel art. Hope this project of your is a big hit also can't wait for its release ^^

Edit. I wish I could support you but I'm kind of brook right now

Thank you and don't worry, I appreciate your interest in the project regardless!

How do you get it to work on Android do I need a special app

You shouldn't need a special app. The most recent update was just to test the UI, so most of the game's features are not in yet. So if that's what you meant by "get it to work", those features will be added in future updates

ok thank you my phone is just pretty dumb and all stay safe 

All characters depicted are 18+.) 

All characters depicted are 18+.

Thanks lol

Can't be too careful haha

Any news?

Unfortunately nothing too major so far, but I've been making weekly devlogs, so you can check those out to see the progress of the project.

Hi, love the art of the game. It looks amazing! I'm playing the Linux version and i have a quick question, is should I be able to do more than just click into the love menu and not actually be able to do anything else? Anyway, the game looks nice and I'm looking forward to being able to play it when I can and I look forward to more awesome stuff! ^_^

Glad you're interested in the project! Unfortunately yes, the current version is just to test the UI mostly, but I'm working on an updated version that will have more actual gameplay and will keep you all informed on its release!

Cool! Like I said, it looks awesome. Most of your stuff is pretty good though. At least, all that I've seen is.

Yo, this has potential.

Привет! Хотел тут спросить, как у вас дела, нет ли проблем и как скоро будет обновлён apk? Я не знаю почему, но меня этот проект чем-то завлёк, мне стало интересно, что будет в ней, поэтому и начал следить за разработкой. Я надеюсь, что у вас не будет проблем, с которыми вы не сможете справиться, желаю удачи вашему проекту и спасибо за то, что не останавливаетесь!

Heyo it's me again...just wanted to stop bye and see how my fav artist/game dev(hint it's you CM), just wanted to ask how are you, and how things are going for you in these tough times. =]

Thank you for your kind words as always. I've been hanging in there. Things have been hectic and unfortunately I haven't finished the update yet. I'll probably stop setting hard deadlines for the project, since I'm currently not in a situation where I can work consistently every day. But I've made some good progress. I'll be making a devlog about it tomorrow and I'll also be going my plans for the game going forward. 

I hope you are doing well too. Make sure to stay safe out there!

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Hey, don't worry about strict dates, with all that is happening in the world it's important to look after yourself. Also you should be having as much fun making the game as we are playing and enjoying it. When I say this I speak for all of us, we don't mind waiting because we know it will be totally worth it.

Stay safe and have fun [even YOU random person reading this : ) ]

-Love JHFTN05

Im so exited for the update today...i really hope it's today

Sorry, unfortunately it's not quite ready yet. I'll be making a devlog about it shortly.

Everything ready for today or do you need a bit more time?

Unfortunately I'll need more time. I'll be making a devlog about it in a bit.

That's perfectly fine I understand that life can get in your way thank you for putting the effort you do and good luck

Hello, I apologize to bother but your game sure does look very "appetizing" to the eye, yet as an android user I dont seem to be able to download the game because it tells me as soon as the download ends that I cant open the file, any suggestion?

Is it saying the file installed properly? I know I personally had to free a lot of space (at least have 1gb free) before it installed properly even though the file isn't that big. If you can't open the .apk file at all, I think Android itself have an installer you can get from the play store

Tysm for the quick reply, I've followed your advice about the apk installer and it did work, but now I've run into another issue and I'm sorry to bother you but I dont seem able to do anythin in the game itself besides seeing her sitting animation. Thank you again

I don't mean to sound rude, but I think you should've read the description

Oh dw not rude at all, I did get to read it but after looking around a bit I thought those animations would've been in game already, sorry for that :/

Sorry for the late reply, but yeah like DragonBoi said the new update isn't quite ready yet so there's still not a lot in the game yet. I'll be making a devlog shortly about my plans for the update.

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I too am new here but may I ask a question? when I try to download this game it does it but instead of downloading the game it opens HUGE mass of files related to this game but pressing then doesn't seem to work. Any ideas? Oh and I also use android.

Are you installing the game or viewing the APK contents? You should be able to just download the apk file and install it

Installing the game I think, I'll try few more times and then ask again. Thanks for the response and the tip, keep up the good work!

Alright I first try downloading the Android version of the game and it works fine, then it gives me the huge stack of files which I think contain the game features if I think of the names. I appreciate your help but please don't bother yourself with this. Take your time, I'm not in a hurry.

Are you being promoted to install the .apk file? How are you trying to install it? Like are you using a specific app or using the Android app installer?

I'm using apk installer so far.  Also I somehow managed to download the game after a while but it still shows the file selection before that.

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Love all your work CM, quick question tho (I'm new here pls don't get mad if I sound annoying) should we be expecting a new update in july, just love Your work So much i cant wait. Keep up the Good work :)

No problem at all and thank you for the kind words! I'm going to try and get some stuff wrapped up today, mostly coding and a few things to set things up. Hopefully I'll have a small update this Sunday. And from there I will try and give you all a news update every week until the update is finished. 

☆ ~('▽^人)


Oh this looks pretty awesome, nice.


with how things are nowadays you should totally just take your time and focus on the more important things honestly. Things like this can definitely wait.


when can you finish the anal animation for the game?


I'm  hoping to have it ready by the end of the month.


May I recommend shorter more consice goals like have the animation frames done in a week or the coding done in two weeks? Seems it may help allowing a feeling of success easier division of tasks and a less restricted time frame than one month


I think that's a good idea. I'm gonna try to break things down into weekly sprints and update you all through devlogs every week alongside my weekly updates over on Patreon. I think that'll help the project keep up a good pace.


How is things going?


Unfortunately, the update to the demo won't be ready by the end of this month like I wanted. I'll explain things more in a devlog later today.


Sorry the devlog hasn't come out yet. Ran into some issues with things that needed my attention. It'll be out later today.

How's the progress coming along?


Unfortunately slower than I want things to be going. I'm going to try and wrap up the new build before the end of the month, but I'm not 100% sure I'll make it. Worse case scenario I'll make another devlog to show the progress and lay out what still needs to be done.


Don't stress yourself about rushing it, just try to get it done on your own time. If you can't get it done within the time limit you set for yourself, that's ok, all that matters is the end product. Also hope you are doing well during quarintine.


Thank you for your kind words and support, but you've all been waiting for a while so I want to y'all as soon as I can.  I'm not gonna rush it to sacrifice quality, but I've been taking too long in it too, so I'll work hard and do my best!

And I hope you are staying safe as well! Hopefully I can get some content out to y'all to give y'all an incentive to stay inside haha

Can I ask what software you use to make these games? I'm curious about game making on this site as a whole.


I use the Godot engine as of late. Though the Unity engine and Game Maker are also some good options if you're starting out. And I make all my sprites with Aseprite.

The game wont let me progress, When I open the game the only option I can click on is LOVE and when I click ANAL nothing happens. The icons still animate when I hover my cursor over them but do nothing when I click.


you'd better read the description 


Oh my bad lol, I'll keep an eye for future updates.

Ever thought of adding a spanking scene? For example, she misbehaves or something and needs to be punished kind of way.

Hmmm I hadn't thought of doing something like that, but I'll keep it in mind for the future


So, i was reading all these comments for about 1 month and i noticed that everyone asks CountMoxi the same question: It's not working and i can't tap on the sex scenes! This is an answer to solve all your questions: There are no scenes! CountMoxi is still developing this game and the next update will i belive release soon. I just wanted to make job easier for Moxi. Thank you man, i can't wait to see the full game!

O que outras pessoas estão dizendo

forgiveness but I can't access the options to fight eat train on cell phone what should I do

Not 100% if I understand, but those options aren't in the game yet. I'm currently working on the next update that will add in the Rena catch mini game and the anal scene. And then I'll add the other options in over time.

Will there be a fix to the android version soon? the only buttons that work are love and exit but there isn't much else after that.

That's all that's in the demo currently. It was made just to show off some of the current UI in the game. The next update will be adding in the anal scene and the mini game Rena Catch.

Ah, thanks for clearing things up.

When will the playable version for android come out

There already is an Android version when you go to the download page. It's the file ending in .apk

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