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hey, i think you mentioned at some point there would be an option for renamon to invite the thugs into having sex with her, is it still going to be a thing? because i would love it if that's the case (this one)


Yeah she'll have the ability to tempt enemies. Still planning exactly how it will work, but it will be in the game at least in some way.

We want an android update 

Im still waiting and i am board of UI test version

Dead project lol


Well it's a relief to know and by the time you think the game is finished because many of us are waiting for it but take your time so that the game is well done and without any mistake, well that was all I wanted to ask maybe I would comment again when you add another update I'll be watching well thanks for answering my questions take care

Seriously Guilmon will appear in the game that is going to be incredible but I wanted to ask you when the game is finished will it still be free or we will have to buy it because I would buy it

I'm not 100% sure yet, but it will most likely be free

Hey, I forgot to ask you, is it possible that in a new update, Guilmon appears as a partner and not an enemy of Renamon, it would be incredible that we as players can choose between ipmmon and Guilmon to accompany Renamon in his adventure

In the planned full game, Guilmon will make an appearance in one way or another

Quick question, do you like the recreation art I've made from one of your pictures? But more importantly, I just wanna say GODDAMN you have some good pixel animation skills and your games (also those gifs and mp4s that are hosted on a certain website with a green background and they're pretty cool too) show the fluidity of your animations; And also, nice game; It looks promising and I guess thanks for the games you've made? I don't know.

-With my regards,


Thank you for the kind words about my work, and nice job on the painting


Games are also games, but the health of the developer is a priority, so I hope you stay healthy.

Don't worry, I'll make sure to pace myself and keep my health in mind while trying to make the best content for you all

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Quick question will a gay version of this game be released/made?

Most likely not since it would mean I would have to change all the animations and most scenes


Anyone else hoping this game gets made this year? The suspense is killing me


I'm going to make it my goal to work on it constantly this year. Sorry its taken so long to get my act together, but I'll work hard to get this project off the ground.

Quick question, how do you play the game on an IOS phone ? 

The game isn't available on IOS since its impossible to develop for IOS without going through their app store and they don't allow NSFW content iirc

It doesn't let me do

 anything on the game


The current demo is just a test for the UI and will be updated with more gameplay in the future. Theres more information in the description for the game

Dosen't  want to open on android  after downloading 

Are you able to open the APK file? If not you can find am APK opener on the play store

"I think it's bugged because I can't do nothing" I really laugh with those comments, bro.... read the description, is not too complex 

the UI looks very simple and comfortable

think i found a bug where you're not able use the first love action by clicking on it

The current demo is basically just a test of the game's UI, so there's not any functionality in the game yet. The games description describes it a bit more. I'll be making an announcement when I'm able to work on the game again.

Didn't notice that in the description my bad


No worries 


I've fallen short on words for this, pretty much just thanks you is the least. Idk if this is appropriate or whatever but it's a lovely game & i hope you're doing great. 

With all regards F.O.X

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Thank you for the kind words! The game is still too bare bones for me to deserve them though and unfortunately I still have too many projects to do before I get back to. But when I get back to working on it, I'll make sure to make it something special!


ok & no stress please, take your time please. Wouldn't want you messing with you health


I'll make sure to pace myself! ^-^

This is great, i hope see this functional


Glad you like it so far, I'll be adding more functionality when I finish some other projects

I well have fun playing this game after I finish making it.

(Unfortunately, I am not good at English.)


No problem. I'm going to try and get a new build out before the end of the year, or early next year. I hope you look forward to it 👍

It's made in Godot now?


Yes, I like it a bit more than Unity and I find it easier to work with when it comes to pixel art.

I think .. the game has a good spot now..

And i supposed to remove the arrow stuff for mouse on android version

And also... the next update should process the games functionality...

It would be best to test out not just UI or compatibility....


I'll make sure to take out the cursor for the android version in the next update.  I'm not sure when it will be out, but the next update will include actual game play and bring more functionality into the game.

that's great

well then, Take your time!

And be safe.


Can't wait to see this good girl's holes :p

Very good job!


I love you and your work! Keep it up! Much love, and many kisses.


You should be more explicit about what it is at the moment. Not everyone knows what UI is. Saying "only the interface works and has animations" would fit best. Kind regards.


Changed the description and tried to make it more clear of what the game is currently.


It's not letting me play on android. When I download file, I select the file and it says "can not run file". What's going on with it?

You might need an APK installer if you can't install it. Also, what phone are you using?

samsung galaxy s10e

You might need to get an APK installer from the playstore then. The one I use is "APK Installer" by Braveheart

ok it worked. Thank you very much.

No problem at all


I love how it looks although just one problem... I can't do anything in the android version. The icon animations work but they don't work. I really hope this gets fixed. Other than that I love it!


The game is just a UI test build at the moment. So none of the buttons do anything yet, unfortunately. But I'm hoping to update the game before the end of the year and add in some new content and functionality.


That's great to hear! I can't wait for the full release! I love it so far! Hope everything goes well! Have a wonderful day!


Thanks, you too!


Can't wait to play the full release! 😃


Well hopefully it will turn out ok s d this would feel like a dungeons type game/ sex  rpg thing idk I mean it like neko touch just with more ways to do it 


That's kind of the plan for it now. Also, in the future try to not post too much, it clutters the comment section. I deleted some of your other comments that didn't really say much. You can also directly reply to people by clicking reply under the person's comment instead of creating a new comment. That'll help keep things organized.

Like I press button It don't do thing

The current build is just a test for the UI, so none of the buttons do anything yet. I have some work for Patreon I need to do, but once I finish that I will be working on this again and flesh out the game much more

Yeah I can't do anything ether why

cant wait for full release

This game has caught my interest a lot.
The art is beautiful and the concept it has is just wonderful!
I will try to support this project a lot, I am not an easy person to impress but ... your game impresses me
I also wish you good luck in your other projects!

and as we say where I'm come from: Te deseo lo mejor, realmente tienes mucho talento


Can you try and improve on the android version? I tried to play it on my phone and while the pictures do the animations, I can't actually do anything.

To my knowledge no one can do anything on any version of the "game" - as it stands it's just an UI test and not even a game yet.

just a friendly question is this game complete or not quite yet?

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Nope,this not done yet all you can do is test the UI of the game

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Hi I just want to say I'm a fan of your pixel art. Hope this project of your is a big hit also can't wait for its release ^^

Edit. I wish I could support you but I'm kind of brook right now

Thank you and don't worry, I appreciate your interest in the project regardless!

How do you get it to work on Android do I need a special app

You shouldn't need a special app. The most recent update was just to test the UI, so most of the game's features are not in yet. So if that's what you meant by "get it to work", those features will be added in future updates

ok thank you my phone is just pretty dumb and all stay safe 

All characters depicted are 18+.) 

All characters depicted are 18+.

Thanks lol

Can't be too careful haha

Any news?

Unfortunately nothing too major so far, but I've been making weekly devlogs, so you can check those out to see the progress of the project.

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