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(18+ and up. This game contains strong sexual content. All characters depicted are 18+.) 

Current Status: On Hold.

This game is a fan based parody. Digimon is owned by Bandai.

Countmoxi is not affiliated or associated with these legal entities on any terms.

Please support the official release.

All characters depicted are 18+.

Renapet is a simulation game where you raise and train Renam*n in various ways. It was made in about a week for the Strawberry Jam 2 game jam.

The game is still very much a work in progress. At the moment, the demo is just a test of the game's UI (menu buttons and interface) so the buttons have no functionality yet, and there are no sex scenes in currently.

 But I will be adding  more to it as things go on. I'll keep you all updated on the game's progress. You can follow development on my blog here: https://countmoxi.blogspot.com/. I also have a Patreon if you want to help support development of the game and my other projects: https://www.patreon.com/countmoxi.

Feel free to check out my other games too and follow me on all my other sites!


Mouse -- Click menu buttons

Escape -- Instant quit

1 -- Decrease screen size

2 -- Increase screen size

F -- Fullscreen


SFX -- Orange Lovers, littlerobotsoundfactory

Music -- Ramoru-Bu

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- Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/countmoxi

-Twitter: https://twitter.com/CountMoxi

-Pixiv: https://pixiv.me/countmoxi

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RenaPet_UI_Test_Windows 64.zip 19 MB
RenaPet_UI_Test_Windows 32.zip 18 MB
RenaPet_UI_Test_Mac.zip 21 MB
Renapet_UI_Test_Android.apk 27 MB
RenaPet_UI_Test_Linux.zip 20 MB
(2018) Renepet_Proof_Of_Concept.zip 15 MB

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How's it going? Is any H Scene playable now? Cause the name still says UI Test so is this game playable or just UI Screen with no Minigame, Love making or Excersize to do with my Rena?

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It's still UI testing, no scene currently. We're all waiting for this game and making exercises with Rena x3


I believe games will come out in 2022.


I know its been some time believe me I remember when this first came up. But if you follow the creator of this, they work on many projects and has a personal life with hiccups just like the rest of us. Im sure this will be done sometime in the coming year. Its better for them to take their time and develop the skills to make this a great game. Follow CountMoxi on patron to see some of the work that is being done and shown. May the old Gods bless everyone and have a good day


Wish something on this would come up so we know it's still a plan


I wanna ask, will this ever be continued or it's completely abandoned, cause even if it's gonna continue but take time, I can wait an year or two, but at least have a relief that someday I'll play this masterpiece!


Okay, over time I realized that true status is abandoned.


Yeah it is.. And i dont really know why it was actually good


How long till finish


quit early? is it an investment? with future promise?


and when will the game be ready?


if this add on web i will going play right away >:3


i can only press vagina sex and no other buttons at all even after a while


The current demo was just a test of the UI, none of the buttons actually have functionally yet. I will announce when I have an update ready that adds more into the game. You can check the description for further details.


okay thank you


Good luck, and take your time. Better to release something you're satisfied with rather than rushing it.

the UI of the android version is broken it doesn't let me go to the scenes, fight, rest, and feed

The latest build is just meant to test the UI. The buttons don't have any functionality yet. I'll make an announcement when the update that adds more gameplay and functionality is complete.

I will wait, good luck hope it's soon hahaha

Love the idea, good luck on that one, and when do you think you'll working on that game ? (I mean, after which project you're in ?)


It's kind of hard to say. I'm chipping away at the animation for it. But I I want to get some more experience for it too by making some smaller games. It might take a while, but I will work hard to make the wait worth it.

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I'll wait, hope you're making a good game ! :)
You have all my support for your work (I follow you on Patreon to see the advance of your projects and so on).


hahaha really hope this is worth waiting so long for this but I still hope this game is the best


I'll do my best on it

Hey, I wanted to say this, the game is pretty cool and good, but there's a problem on Android, for some reason Android can't click on any buttons, except exit. Can you please fix that? I will be very thankful!

The latest demo was just a UI test, so none of the buttons fo anything. I will make a post when I have updated the game with more functionality.

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Please when will the new update (for Android) be released And thank you very much 馃槝

guessing this is dead huh?

Work is slow, so it's best to view it as dead for the moment. I will let everyone know when I have the next update ready

May I suggest adding a paizuri option? I'm still very hyped for this game and hope it comes out in the near future!

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One of the main sex scenes (the "Non-Pen" one specifically) will be a boob job.  I'll let you all know when I have things more fleshed out and ready to show.


well this game will most likely come out next year but hey it will be worth the wait


Hopefully. I'll let you all know how things go.

Is that almost finished?


No, it's going to take a while. Sorry. I'll make an announcement when I have something substantial to show.

a question like how long would it take for an update on android?


The next update will most likely be for Android and Desktop. If I can manage it, ther will also be a web build you can play in browser


Maybe updates will be some breeding more pokemons such Gardevoir,lopunny,? 

Its doesn't matter if furry at least humanoid,or just hoomans.......hmm fertile voluptuous pixel-arts made by countmoxxi, sluurpss,  gotta knock-em-uuupp, gotta breed-em-aaalll!!!!!


Digimon =/= Pokemons


I prefer breeding impregnation fetish game, no need to show birth,just fertilization of sperm cells piercing an egg's atmosphere is hot,show preg belly,and just tell she already give birth, and a birth or fertilizations counter on how many times you have impregnated her/them if harem,its no point if creampie-ing such fertile,voluptuous,bouncing boobs and ass waifu with nothing but wasting your stamina and sperm and dry out your balls,have sex is to make armies of babies.....not for fitness.......  

Or just ignore this if you didn't want to...... Its just request and recommendation after all, your games aren't just fappable,but nice pixels..... appreciated it.

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Why i can't use button on android  ? And i wait for the update


Cause this is still a proof of concept, maybe we'll see a update later 2025, i visit this page everyday, and even if there's no changes to it, i'd like to stop seeing comments like this, it says on the file name "UI TEST" that's why the buttons dont work, people should read more carefully...

I don't wanna sound anoyying but could you give us an estimate on when this game will be releasing? Around the end of 2021 maybe?

I'm still not 100% sure when I'll have an update ready, so I don't want to say a date and get you all excited for it only for me to miss the deadline again. I'll try my best to at least get something out before the end of 2021 though. 


This is awesome to hear! I assumed you had just abandoned this project in favor of Neko Touch DX (which was awesome btw)

Im super glad you still plan to update and complete this game. Its one of my favorite game concepts. Im eagerly looking forward to its completion Count.

Best wishes 馃槉

can someone make this a HTML


The game will have an HTML version once I complete the next update


Take any time you want, but don't ditch this project, please :(


Don't worry, I'm not abandoning the project. It's just developing slowly so I don't want to hype you all up when I'm not sure when the next update will be, so that why I don't post about it much. But I am still working on it.


It's good to hear, have a good one :蟹 

it wont let me use the buttons :(


The current demo is just a test of the UI so none of the buttons do anything at the moment. An update with more gameplay and features will be coming eventually and I'll make an announcement when it's finished. 



im still super exited to see this when its a working game!!
thank you for making it 馃挅


I can't stop thinking about the tamagotchis xd


Does someone know when the next update is coming out?


I'll make a dev post when the update is done or almost done. Thank you for your patience. 


This game is going to be so amazing. I Can't wait to play the full thing once it comes out. But pls take your time cause we know good stuff takes time to make. :)


Well other than me who else is waiting for a new update

Damn i missed the 1111 day without any actual update, today is the 1118 day without any actual update :( so close


Will this game come to Steam when it's done? 

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Probably not lmao Don't think I'd be able to put it on there

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actually, they've added a NSFW section recently.  Steam NSFW.

Steam: Adult Only Titles

The main issue is that it's a parody game so selling it directly could cause some legal issues

well a whole month without checking this page and tell me there is any new progress in this game

Not yet. I'll make a Devlog when I have more to show.

so how do u run the game on linux

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I don't have the ability to test Linux games, but the build should work on it

I do not almost always agree with others but in this case you have reason when the next update will be
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