A downloadable game for Windows

(18+ and up. This game contains strong sexual content. All characters depicted are 18+.) 

Current Status: Completed.

Uddertale: Bed Play is a game where you seduce the alluring Tori and engage in several perverse events with her! 


  • 3 mini-game scenes
    • Spanking / Face sitting
    • Masturbation
    • Boobjob
  • Stat system for Tori that unlocks scenes
  • Simple animation
  • Voice and moans
  • Soothing soundtrack

This is a small game I made in about the span of a week based on Doxy's 'Uddertale' game. I received permission to use his art for the game. Most of the assets are from his game, which are from the art bundle on his store. You can find his stuff and play the original game here:


Let me know if you find any bugs. Hope you enjoy the game!


Warning: This game is for mature audiences only. Please only play if you are (+18). This game is a parody and in no way represents the source material.





June 30th: 

  • June 30th

    • New title logo update and a few bug fixes!
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(53 total ratings)
Tags2D, Adult, boobs, Erotic, Furry, Hentai, NSFW, nude, Parody, relationship
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


UDBP v1.01.zip 66 MB

Install instructions

Download the zip file. Extract it with a suitable program.  Then run the .exe file.


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Get an iOS web version? PLS

A N D R O I D   P L S

PD: i fuck a goat :skull: (jk)


Get an Android version,pls


Can you get a mobile phone version?Please


Can you make an Android version?


Show post...

That's Doxy's Toriel design


Yep, the game was made with his assets with his permission




Any chance you'll make this for Android?


Unfortunately I don't have the source files for this game anymore so I can't


Aww, I would of loved to play this! Still trying to get a laptop or computer. Anyway it looks great! I hope you have a wonderful day!


Thanks and you too! ^-^


can you make it for 32 bit win

pls and thx


Unfortunately I don't have the project files for this game anymore so I can't.  Sorry.


Is there no Android version yet

(1 edit) (-1)

I don't have the original files for this project anymore unfortunately, so there will be now other versions made of it.


thank you


Even though I haven't clear the original game UnderTale, I'll play this game first.


I laughed my ass off this is a funny parody adult version short game I loved when you the boy cum all over Toriel's face and she gets pissed off at you I enjoyed this game will you make more parodies like an adult version of Paw Patrol maybe but in the meantime keep up the awesome work Count Moxi!


Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!