Getter Graffiti v0.3 out! More graffiti and game play improvements!

The Getter Graffiti v0.3 update  is done! The changes include:

  • - more graffiti sprites to spray
  • - fixed some  level design that was causing issues
  • - Music now loops correctly
  • - slime enemy sprites properly added in
  • - you can now fall and land on another railing
  • - overall the game should feel more fluid
  • - a "Spray" icon will appear when you can spray an object

I had to pass on fixing some other issues since I need to get to work on the Stawberry game jam game, so here's all the known issues:

  • - spraying graffiti can still be too spotty
  • - The "Break out" icon can appear in front of the flying enemy scene due to the camera no centering properly

Once I get the Strawberry game jam game finished, I'll most likely take a bit of a break and then get back to work on Getter Graffiti. For the next update I'm going to try and:

  • - rework the spray system so it feels more responsive
  • - add in collecting spray cans and spray amount system so you have to keep track of how much paint you have as each object will have a needed amount of paint to spray it
  • - start planning the "speed up" feature which will speed up the pace of the game and the animations of the enemies so the game gets harder as you play.
  • change the way spraying works internally so I can have different objects with the same graffiti sprays.


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Feb 09, 2018

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Thanks! ^-^