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Take how much time you need to update the game, i know you are doing this entire game alone but, its been a year since this game was launched with no updates since then


Hey County, since there isn't a linux built I would suggest you to use a Virtual linux machine or install a linux partition on your HDD or SSD 

PS:I'm writing this cuz some people want a linux ver (I'm not part of them)


That's a good point. I'll look into a virtual machine for my PC so I can test new builds of the games I make for each type of machine. I appreciate the advice ^-^

One more thing, just in case that you won't be using linux just to test your games, you must have in mind the fact that a virtual machine will never be as good as the host system, so if you need full power the best option is a partition.

now this is hot

oh man, can't wait :D

will the game's creator launch the new demo on the 31st at 23:59

and when update been release


Can't wait for the next update. There's some serious potential here and I'm happy I'll get to see it soon.

Is it me being impatient or is there only Sex > Vagiana available? o3o


Mobile Version Please

update soon

Just recently made a new dev log explaining the state of the project. Should have a new demo near the end of the November at the very least!

Almost done? Or will it take longer than expected?


Unfortunately the update will be pushed to December. I will be prioritizing Renapet for December and January so I can work to get the project in a good state. I will make a Dev log about it soon to inform everyone.

will you be able to train her to be fit and others secret?


Hmm... that was originally a system I was going to have in place to correspond with a few other stats back when the game had a smaller scale, but with the amount of animations needed I'm not too sure if I'll keep it in. 

If it were to be in, it would only affect the home screen sprites, some of the sprites in the menus, and maybe the love scene animations. They wouldn't affect the fight portion animations as that would be way too much work given the amount of frames she has already.

I'll keep you all posted on it once I get back into the swing of things.

So...can we see what's rolling on in the project?

Just to make us more hyped ... ;3

For now I don't want to drive up too much hype since a new demo would still be a few months away, but when I get closer to having a build ready, I'll make sure to make an update to inform everyone.

Is everything going ok? I saw your blog and I got a bit worried for you :

Things could be worse. I'll manage to make it work one way or another.


Hey cheer up bro :3

You're an awesome artist, and probably an awesome guy/girl too.

Hope everything is fine ;3


do you have a patreon or some site where we can support you by giving you money? I'll gladly give you some for this work


I appreciate the support, but I want to prove I can deliver a product to you guys before I ask for any consistent money donations. I will start/ announce one once I have a few finished products I can use to showcase what I can do.


ok dude then good luck on this contact me if you change your mind




good ethics


An update is currently planned to release around the end of the year.



Im looking forwards to this, If you might need any help with the code or logic behind it let me know.


Currently I'm looking to work on it by myself, but I appreciate the offer and will let you know if I need help.


When do you think the game will be fully released?


I don't know when the full game will be completed, but I'm aiming to release a new update around the end of the year.

when will there be a new update?

I'm currently aiming for around the end of the year to release a new update.

Down-to-the-minute partial renewal


I'm sorry... but no. I know that you might have wanted to make this game and all that... but you made a basic gif game. That's it. Not even a very good gif, since it's 8/16-bit. This really should have been given much more to do, but this? This isn't even alpha. This is bad. 


That's fair. I think for the game jam it was a bit too ambitious of a title to do, especially since I wasn't able to work on it the full month. This was at most a proof of concept rather than an alpha and I had planned for it to be expanded upon later but due to my hiatus, the update got pushed a lot further back than I wanted it to be. But I am still working on it and making it the game I want it to be. Personally I like pixel art and think it has some unique qualities that can really make animations pop and leave more of an impact if done right, but to each their own.

any news on updates?

Hello, the game is progressing, just slowly. I elaborated a bit more on it in a comment before this one.

well, progress is progress. as long as something is getting done.

hope all is well

Things are fine. The game is progressing, just slowly. I had planned for the update to take half a year since it would include all the actual gameplay features I wanted in the game and they are all interlinked so I can't make piece-meal demos out of them without breaking the overall structure. Unfortunately it's taking longer than I wanted since I had some life troubles earlier and I currently don't have as much time to work as I did, but the game is still in development. I just don't want to post anything about it yet since I don't want to drive up hype and then  have people wait even longer. I'm aiming for the update to be finished around the end of the year. I know it's a long time to wait, but I think the amount of content will be worth it. Thank you for your patience.

Do what you gotta do bud

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that is a awesome game. love the work. I wish you everything goes well on your end, CountMoxi.

hope to see more games soon. Hopefully a game about Temmie from  Tem Shop (Undertale) with similar features like in renapet. Showing Temmie your Colleg skills to her with different positions. raising her money, etc.  :P ;) 


Glad you like it  so far! And  I will be making more games soon when I'm able to get back to working on things. I won't make any promises, but I'll keep that Temmie game idea in mind haha

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Do you have any confirmed date for the next updates?

I will be Waiting anxiously for them


Unfortunately I don't currently since I needed to take a hiatus to figure out some life problems. But once I get things figured out I'll get back to working on this and will update it when I can!


It actually looks pretty good, despite only being bare bones.



So the game has only two options so far?


Yeah, the game is just a bare bones proof of concept right now and unfortunately I don't have time to really work on it. But I do plan to continue it and will let everyone know when I can work on it again.


It's  realy a  good game.Looking forward to the full version of this game!


This game looks really good so far, made an account just to say that and comment to ask when the next update will be? (also sorry that you get alot of questions asking this.  Its just a good game and we want to see it updated lol)

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Glad you liked it so far! Unfortunately I had to take a hiatus in order to figure out some life problems that I've been ignoring for too long and that threw a wrench in my plans as far as knowing when things will be finished/ updated.  And I don't mind the questions at all. The only problem I have with them is the fact that I don't have better news for you guys in terms of when I'll be able to work on things again. But I'll try to get things situated as fast as I can so I can get back to making stuff. 


Take as long as you need then and I hope the irl stuff gets better :)

Deleted 257 days ago

Yes it should be possible, I will try to include a Linux build when I find time to finally update this game. I won't be able to test it properly, so there may be some bugs in it. As for resolutions, it will have a  natural resolution of 320x180 and you'll be able to multiply it (x2, x3, x4) to increase it or decrease it to fit your window size. 


There may not be much, but I really like what we got!  Keep up the great work! ^^

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Yeah it's definitely bare bones at the moment, but once I get off my hiatus I hope to flesh it out more and add some actual gameplay haha Glad you like it so far and thanks!

this is demonic15e jus different name and I hope that it is coming along good

Hello Demonic. Unfortunately I ran into some life issues that are taking longer than I expected to fix so I haven't made as much progress as I'd like to. But I'm gonna try my best to fix things and at least have a new demo out before the end of the year.

I really hope you continue with this!

I intend to! Unfortunately, I will be on hiatus for a while, but I'll get to it as soon as I can!

so, why isnt this labeled as a demo? or when will the official release be, well, released?

Sorry if you were misinformed about the state of the game. I tried to inform people that this was very much still a work in progress via the description but if you have suggestions on how I can make it clearer I'm open to them. As for when the next update will happen, currently I'm not sure since I'm currently on a hiatus while I figure out some life problems, but at the very least I aim to get it out before the year is over.

that's gud, i would very much love to see the finished game.


Awesome work ^.^

I really love Renamon. I've already had such an idea, but you performed it and even better than I could do, ohh, when I get PayPal, I'll definitely try to support you :3


I appreciate the kind words and support ^-^ Though the game really isn't too much at the moment. I'm currently on hiatus, but I will be working on this and get it completed sometime in the future.

Its full or just a demo?

It's just a proof of concept demo so there isn't really any meaningful content yet.  Going to try a get a new build out with most of the planned features before the end of the year once I come back from my hiatus.

Just wondering, are you planning to make this game for Android?


At the moment I'm focusing on making it for PC and maybe Mac, but I'm keeping porting it to mobile in mind design-wise and once I wrap up a good stable demo I'll see if I can make an android build to test how it works. Can't promise I'll be able to make android builds as PC ones are made but I'll see if I can give it a shot


Its great so far, Keep up the great work I made a account jus to leave a comment!


Thank you! I'll try my best to make a great game for you guys! ^-^

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