Renapet Oct 28th Project Status update

Hello Everyone,

It's been a while huh? I apologize for such a long delay. Unfortunately, I don't have the new update quite ready yet, but I should have a new concept demo out soon and from there I can start building onto it and including more gameplay elements. For now, I'll go over what I've been working on and the current state of the project.

I've moved the game from the Unity engine to the Godot engine. Unity was giving me a lot of issues when it came to pixel art and it was frustrating trying to crowbar the engine into doing pretty basic things. The Godot engine however has allowed me to format pixel art in a much easier way and I've had a good experience with it so far so all future builds will be made with it. It's not too much of a set back since the Unity demo was still very basic. Plus I needed to change the game's resolution anyway so I had to scarp a lot of what was in the first proof of concept demo anyway. Speaking of which.

New UI, resolution, and art

Like I mentioned in the last update, the original demo's resolution wasn't able to scale properly to 1920 x 1080, so I changed the game's resolution to 320 x 180. This mean that the UI and backgrounds needed to be changed to compensate for the change. I'm still not too confident in my backgrounds, but I think the added size will give me a bit more room for error. Also, I needed to change the sex scenes menu as well since they didn't with either.

I went with a different pose for the main image, but for the icons I tried to keep the original idea while also making use of the extra space. While we're here, let's talk about the sex scenes.

Sex Scenes 

This is the pose for the anal scene. It'll share the same background as the vaginal scene. It's definitely still a wip, but I think it'll be more comfortable that the old once it's all wrapped up.

Here's the non-penetration scene wip. As you can see, it'll be a boob job haha Also wanted to use a different perspective for it so I needed to make a new background for it as well. I want all the love scenes to be POV shots since the other scenes in the game will be 3rd person, but also I wanted to make sure they all didn't feel the exact same haha

As for the current vaginal scene, I'll be scrapping it and remaking it from scratch. It was made back when I wasn't too experienced with big pixel art. I separated a lot of it into parts and animating it is just too much of a pain now so I'll be redoing it with the new style I use now. It'll still be the same pose, but I'll be able to make things a bit more expressive this time around. 

Now let's move onto the training methods you'll be able to play to make Rena stronger.

Training mini-games Overview

So, Rena will have 4 main stats that will determine her combat prowess. Strength, Mind, Speed, and Defense. Each of these stats can be boosted by 9 points at a time. There won't be a traditional level up system, instead,  you'll be able to play 4 mini-games that are each tied to a stat.  Depending on how you do in the mini-game, you'll receive  a stat increase to the assigned stat. These stat increases do stack, but they will be temporary and will wear off after a few days. Basically, I wanted training to be a way to customize Rena without spamming training being to strong of an option. I'll be adding a day system where you can only do 3 actions before it's the next day, so there will be times where you have to decide between different actions.

These were  actually inspired by the training stages in Digimon world 3, where you could see cute animations of your digimon doing training exercises. But I though it'd be kinda cool to have them be interactive. So I decided to make them into minigames you'd play on a digivice ( it'd based on the first design, but I might change it to the tamer's design).  The goal of these games are to make short game experiences (30 seconds to a minute or two), that don't feel like a choir to play and feature Rena in cute outfits. 

But anyway, let's get into the mock ups for the defense and offense stats.

Defense mini-game: Rena Catch

Rena catch or softball catch, will be a reflex type game. It'll be very similar to the parry mini-game in street fighter 3 (see vid below). Basically, Impmon will be shooting soft balls at you and you have to press the button at the right time to catch them and increase your score. If you time it right, you'll get a perfect catch that will increase your score even more. If you mistime it, Rena will get hit and you'll lose some points. Depending on your score at the end, Rena will gain up to 3 points. 

Strength mini-game: Rena-Fu

Rena Fu will be a side-scrolling basic action game inspired by Kung-Fu on the NES, and also  the hentai games Tifa-tan X1 and X2. Basically enemies will spawn in and you have to defeat a certain number of them . The combat system will be basic. You'll have a basic kick, low kick, and a jumping kick. The enemy designs will all be Etemon since I figured his design fits a game like this haha there will be 3 enemy types. Basic enemies that move toward you, jumping enemies, and enemies with shields. So you'll have to mix up your attacks to make sure you are damaging enemies. If an enemy gets close enough to you, they'll grab you  and drain your health, and you'll have to quickly mash out to knock them away. When you get grabbed a window will pop up showing Rena getting groped. If another enemy gets close, they will join in and the grope will progress into something more sexual and your health will drain faster. Your score will depend on how many enemies you defeat. If you defeat all of them, you get 3 points. 

Fun fact, this was actually what the "Fight" option was going to be when the game had a smaller scope. But since I expanded the fight option into something else, I figured it'd be cool to use the game idea here. Rena's design in this one is inspired by Chun li, so when I design the background, I'll probably also give it a Chinese aesthetic. Here's some gameplay of Kung Fu on the NES for reference. 

Those are the two mini-games I have fleshed out so far. It might be a bit before they are included, but they will most likely be the first mini-games introduced in the demo. 

Let's move onto the Beat-Em-Up portion of the game. Code name: "Digi-City Ransom"


This portion of the game is still being fleshed out, but the main goal is to make a "Rogue-lite"ish experience where you traverse a set amount of stages with the ability to get money, items, and stat accessories for Rena.  The story is that someone has been kidnapping digimon and it's your job to save them. The way it will work is that you will choose a difficulty (how many stages you will traverse, and you'll have to defeat all the enemies in that each stage to continue to the next before confronting a boss. Like mentioned before, enemies drop money, items, and accessories. Rena will also come across randomly generated sections like clubs where she can buy something to drink that can grant temporary stat bonuses for that set of stages. Or meet with other digimon and have sex with them for money at the cost of raising your lust.   Getting defeated leads a  game over and you lose all the stuff you got in the stages you played. The goal is to make it so you have to make meaningful choices in order to keep your health up while also maximizing your rewards for the session. 


Rena will have a variety of normal moves, specials, and super moves she can use to defeat various enemies. Currently, Rena will have 4 different combos she can do depending on what direction she presses (neutral, forward, down, and up), each with 4 attacks that she can mix a match. So you can start with a neutral attack, forward attack, low attack, and then a high attack finisher. Each attack direction will have a basic idea behind the type of attack it will offer:

Neutral: attacks balanced in speed and power

Forward: slower, heavy damage and stun attacks

Down: slower, long /wide reaching attacks

Up: launching attacks that can set up aerial combos

Each attack will have a specific window where they can be jump , normal attack, or special/super cancelled.  Rena will have 4 ground specials and 4 aerial specials she can equip before starting the session, each tied to one of the directions mentioned above. These attacks require one special bar, but often lead to high damage or have other effects. Specials are still being design, but the plan for them is to introduce large attacks that can get you out f a jam or take out a large amount of enemies.

Aerial combat is still being worked one, but it will be simpler. Most like each direction will have one attack, like a dive kick for down, an aerial launcher for up, etc

During stages you'll come across captured digimon that you can save. Saving them will allow you have them become your assist that you can call during attacks to help you out. You can only have one assist at a time, and each one will have a different attack that will offer specific benefits. You won't know what digimon you'll find next so being adaptable to what assist you have/ want will be important.  You'll always start with the Impmon assist, and you can also pick him up for free at any of the clubs you com across.

 The goal is to make a system that rewards creativity and presents enough problems to the player that encourages diverse options.  This portion (along with a lot of other aspects of the game honestly) was inspired by Inma no Ken by FullFlap. I want the combat to feel rewarding and impactful, but not be overly complex to the point where it pushes away players.

Here's some sprites that should give you an idea of how things work:

This is Rena's neutral ground combo as well as her idle and walk animations. In the game, you'll actually be able to cancel the first 3 attacks earlier to combo earlier.

Here's Impmon's assist attack. It'll be him shooting a fireball forward. Pretty basic, but it can be used as a reliable projectile. Also there's a sneak peak at the assist animation ,it only triggers if you're in a neutral position so it won't interrupt combos. It's Rena doing a Jojo pose since I figured it'd fit in haha  

Here's the mock up of the HUD. The Current Assist you have will appear next to Rena. You'll have HP which indicates how much health you have. SP, which fills up when you use normal attacks on enemies. The number on the right indicates how many bars you've saved up (up to 9) or how many specials you can use. There's also the lust meter which will go up when you get knocked down and grabbed. When it reaching the maximum amount, Rena will orgasm and she will take HP damage. There's also the icons at the bottom that indicate the status of each of Rena's body parts. When she gets grabbed and a part of her is used, it's sensitivity will increase which will cause Rena to take more lust damage per thrust.  This was inspired by Toffi-Sama's game Fallen Angel and I think it will work well with the other lewd systems in the game. Speaking of which, let's discuss the lewd stuff in the beat-em-up.

Beat-Em-Up lewds

So the game will feature a standard knock down grab system. If you get hit too many times in a shot time, Rena will be knocked down and can be grabbed by enemies to start a scene. While grabbed, Rena will take lust damage per thrust. During these scenes, you can press left or right to either resist or submit. Resisting will allow you to build a meter to break out at the cost of SP and will also lower body sensitivity damage. Submitting will build SP, but will deal more lust damage and body sensitivity to that part. Each scene will have a submit and resist animation as well as  a climax animation. Here's an example of what the mating press animations look like: 

Gang bang system

Another thing I want for the game is to have a decently dynamic gang bang system. All the enemies will share the same build allowing them to use any scene from another enemy. So I want to incorporate a lot of different poses and then have enemies be able to join in on any of them.  Certain enemies will have positions they favor or don't have access to so each new enemy will brig something new to the table. I'm hoping for each pose to have up to 3 enemies involved.  Here's some example poses and how the system would work:

Assist lewds

Each assist will also have their own scene before you save them. These will include a loop and a climax animation. Angewomon will be the first 


That's it for this update. I apologize I don't have a new build for you all to play after such a long hiatus. It's difficult to work on this along with all my real life stuff, and the constant starting and stopping of the project has lead to me working on various parts of it instead of focusing on one thing at a time.  So, in order to speed up development, I've opened a Patreon to help build support. I wanted to wait until I had  a proper demo of the game with more gameplay features, but with the current speed that could take a very long time. This would help me set aside time to work on this a bit more consistently. You'll also get some perks of being my patron such as vote power in polls for animations and new mini-games, animation and game sneak peeks, and early test builds. Any support is appreciated!

You can follow my progress on my blog:

I'll also be using my twitter to make updates as well so give it a follow if you wanna:

I know this was a lot of information (forgive the rambling nature of things) so feel free to ask any questions you have below. I'll do my best to answer them.  If everything goes right, I'm hoping to have the new demo with the UI changes out in about 2 weeks. Since I'm reworking the vaginal scene, I'll try to flesh out the anal scene in the mean time and include that in the new demo. Then I'll get to work on the other parts of the game like the stats menu, shop, and feeding Rena. 

Thanks for reading and have a good rest of the day!

- CountMoxi

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Glad I could help haha I will do my best!

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I'm not 100% sure how well the game will run on mobile/ web versions, but I will try it out on the next update and see how it goes. I will keep mobile development in mind.

thank you

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Thank you, it's good to be back!

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¡Gracias! ¡Intentaré hacerlo prontov!

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Thank you, I'll make sure to properly pace myself.


the only flaw with the game is that renamon don't smile at all I find it a bit sad don't you,  but it is the only problem I find this awesome and I con't wait for the update you are doing a great job

Hmm that's a good point. I'll try to sneak a few other emotions in some of the various animations she has!



dang, this sounds like a pretty ambitious project! looking forward to the next build! no rush, though; take your time :3


It will be quite an undertaking, but I will do my best!

what about the shop

The shop will be implemented in a later update. Probably around the same time I implement the inventory system and other items.

woah, i love your work! what programm you use?

Thank  you! I use Aseprite for my pixel art, and Godot Engine for my games. I also used to make games in Unity, but didn't like it for pixel art haha

ohmahgohd YHES!  Can't wait to try out the upcoming demo! ^^

Glad you are looking forward to it! Hopefully I can get it out before the end of November at the latest!

Good stuff, keep up good work.

Thank you!

It looks pretty good, from the concept sprites you posted on twitter was that butt stomp attack a reference to anything?

Thanks! And yeah it's a reference to the hip drop attack in Dragon's crown and it'll work similarly in this game

thanks for answering, I thought I remembered it from somewhere.

Oh and feel free to not say if it's too spoilery, but are any of the newer digimon gonna be included like meicrackmon?  

I'm not too familiar with the newer digimon, but after the game is a bit more established, I'll take a look and see who might be a good addition!

I think meicrackmon would work for this kind of game if the design for it wasn't so complex. Here are some anime screenshots of it.